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ENTRUPY Fingerprinting Technology:
A New Weapon Protecting the Retail Supply Chain

Easy To Use – No modification to the object is required
Deployment – Fingerprint anywhere there is WiFi
Manufacturing Facility – Deploy at manufacturing plant to verify
Retail Storefront – Immediate fingerprint return verification
Shipping and Receiving – Deploy in warehouse for faster shipping and return

ENTRUPY  Fingerprinting Technology

Entrupy’s fingerprinting solution for the retail supply chain can be applied to nearly any product including handbags, shoes, clothing, electronics and more, and deployed at any point in the supply chain to identify or verify an item without interrupting existing business processes.

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Entrupy has created the first and only non-intrusive solution to combat fraudulent returns across all retail and manufacturer locations.

Every single object in the world, even individual units of mass-produced items from the world’s largest manufacturers, is intrinsically unique. Each shoe made by Nike, jacket produced by Canada Goose and polo from Ralph Lauren will have its own physically-identifiable characteristics that differentiate it from the next. While frequently not apparent to the naked eye, these variations can be used for identification and verification in the same way a human’s fingerprint is used to confirm his or her identity.

  • Artificial intelligence: Microscopic fingerprinting technology enables individual item-based matching across diverse materials
  • Non-intrusive: No need to modify physical product, enables low touch implementation
  • Simple to use: Portable, fast, user-friendly hardware and mobile application
  • Strong security guarantees: Near 100% accuracy protects business from supply chain corruption

A Scalable, LOW TOUCH verification process

The system, applicable to anything from handbags, watches, clothing, jewelry, shoes and more, is tagless and invisible. And since the “fingerprint” is uniquely inherent to the specific object, it can never be replicated without being detected.

The Fingerprinting Process

Choose the item you would like to fingerprint.

Register the item within the Entrupy Fingerprint App.

When that item is returned, verify within the Entrupy Fingerprint App that it is the same item as previously scanned.


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